Who is Jenni?


Sand angels are a thing, right? And yes, there is a professional photo shoot going on behind me.

I am a human who is simultaneously flawed and awesome -- just like you. I am a woman who roars more than she whispers, and is working on that. I am a wife and grateful to be paired with a man I choose over and over again at each sunrise -- and who thankfully, keeps choosing me, too. I am a mother of six daughters ... life is never dull. I am called Mimi by one super-cool little person. I am a recovering perfectionist looking to be more comfortable in my skin during the last half of my life than I was in the first. I am fueled by friendships, inside jokes, melodies, puns, laughter, and strong black coffee. Music is always playing in my ears, even if you cannot hear it. I giggle at inappropriate times and I cry every single day without exception or apology.


These shoes were on my feet during birth & death and so many incredible events in between.

I am a licensed and registered occupational therapist. Occupational therapists do not assist with job searches -- instead, they help their clients master the job of living. Anything a client needs to do to be safe and independent in their environment falls under my scope of practice. My profession has trained me to identify barriers to an individual's safety & independence -- and how to creatively use adaptation and compensation to overcome those barriers. I currently work as a prn OT at a local trauma center. In addition to a Masters degree in occupational therapy, I have a Bachelors degree in business. I spent nearly a decade working as a financial analyst and trainer at a local insurance company and through private consulting.


be kind

If I allow myself to daydream, there are a few recurring themes. I want to sing to a packed house backed by a big band. I want to have a solid 10-minute stand-up act that unites a room full of diverse people in laughter. I want to land a role in a broadway musical. I want to learn to play the cello. I want to be on Ellen. I want to tell my story. Until now, I have come up with 32,474,199 excuses why I cannot or should not do all of those things and more. 2019 is my NOPE year. It is the year I stop making excuses and start making things happen. I am going to start by writing my story, one little piece at a time. I am going to put what I write out into the universe and see what happens. I hope you'll join me as the next chapter in this adventure called life is written.